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What a Way to Fund Raise

by Willie Matis

So it has been a little over a week since this fundraising campaign ended, but we at AFP would be amiss if we did not recognize the fantastic fundraising setup of…



64 area nonprofits competed in our own philanthropic version of March Madness.  Raising dollar after dollar in order to survive and advance, over $330,000 combined was raised to advance missions and visions throughout central Indiana. Unreal.


Absolutely fantastic, raising more than $77,000 throughout the course of a month and a couple days is nothing short of incredible.

I’m not sure if we are allowed to take any credit on this, but we have to tie this back to AFP, right? The championship team, Partners in Housing, DID have an AFP member on staff, Jennifer Coffey! Now we are hoping she will back us up in saying that all of the luncheons and brown bags she has been to helped in her techniques to lead PIH to a great win.

Here’s a link to BFG if you’d like to learn more about them, or if you are wanting to sign up your nonprofit to hopefully compete in next year’s tournament!

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AFP Brown Bag Reaction – Social Media Fundraising

post by Willie Matis

Yesterday’s AFP Brown Bag Series featured Nathan Hand, VP of Development at Indianapolis based School on Wheels.  The workshop titled – Social Media Fundraising – really was a workshop!  Nathan didn’t just stand in front of the crowd and talk about how social media can be used to fundraise for your organization, he made every attendee think about how to formulate their own social media fundraising campaign.

AFP Brown Bag Workshop

He really did. A whole 15 minutes was spent on working on your individual campaign.


A great workshop done by a local member who has had A TON of experience in Social Media Fundraising left the crowd with 5 action steps  when starting a campaign online:

  1. Based On Asset or Need? Combination?
    Are you trying to create a social media fundraiser based on your following or because you have an organizational need?  Maybe both are present, but knowing what you want to get out of it is first and foremost.

  2. Use who to get what and why?  Who – People. What – Tools. Why – Hook/reward.
    Are you going to contact the 5 people with the most Klout out of all of your followers?  Are you going to ask your board members who are influential on Social media already?  And then what are you going to give them as tools – just a link? a picture? a story?  Lastly, why are you having them do this? Is is just helping out your organization? Or is their a prize for the person who sends the most tweets/posts/retweets)

  3. Language/message (Exact Tweet; Exact DM; Exact FB post; Exact email; etc.)
    VERY VERY IMPORTANT. Send them exactly what you want them to say.  Otherwise, you will end up with 32 different messages and instead of engaging a lot of people, you will now just confuse a lot of people.

  4. Targets/Asks – 50 DMS – tweet v DM 5 friends; 50 FB messages (post v comment v like; 50 personal emails (bd, committees, top donors)
    Another building block on top of point number 2.  Make sure you target people who will then influence the audience your organization needs to influence.  Make your ask specific (weird how much a social media campaign sounds like a good ol’ fashioned fundraising campaign, right?)

  5. Follow-up – celebrate either way NO MATTER WHAT
    Even if you lose, come up short or your website crashes and have to rebuild a new one.  CELEBRATE! It sounds crazy, but do it.  You may not have been successful at a fundraising level, but you upped engagement, touched an untapped audience and furthered that bond between some of your followers and your organization.

Nathan explaining the effect of the social network.

An excellent AFP Brown Bag to hold on the same exact day as the launch of AFP-Indiana’s blog!

If you want to learn more from Nathan (follow his blog) or if you would like to see what School on Wheels has done (go to their site).  You can subscribe to this blog by clicking here to put it in your reader of choice or by putting your email address in the box in the sidebar on your right!  Hope to see you all at the next AFP Brown Bag – “FREE FOR ALL” – on April 4th at Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.

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AFP – Indiana Chapter has a blog! And here’s how we are using it

 AFP International was founded in 1960.

The Indiana Chapter was founded in 1982.

And Facebook…………….. 2004.

Through AFP Indiana‘s 30 year history, the association has kept its mission of fostering the growth of development of philanthropy, the fund-raising profession, the Chapter, and its individual members.  We have done this by holding meetings, workshops, discussions, Indiana Fundraising Days, and more, and the best way to continue to foster growth of the profession, the Chapter, and its individual members is by growing in the same way as the profession and its members.

Fundraising and social media are becoming more and more intertwined with every new blog post about how to engage donors with all of Facebook‘s changes, with every picture that is pinned to someone’s Pinterest board, and with every Retweet, +1, Stumble, Share and so on.

social surf

flickr photo by spillarke

Through this blog, our Facebook page, our Twitter page and more, the AFP Indiana Chapter will be fostering growth of the fund-raising profession, your individual skill set as fund-raisers and the Chapter as a whole.  Join us in any way you would like – subscribe to this blog, LIKE our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter – that is the nature of social media right? Meet your audience where they are!

Posts about direct mail pieces, annual fund programs, capital campaigns, chapter events and fundraising in general will be found here.  Want to guest post? Click here. Most posts will be from External Communications committee member, Willie Matis, but other posts will come from board members and other committee members as well.


We are lucky enough to begin our blog and revamped social media efforts on the same day as Nathan Hand‘s Brown Bag Series presentation titled – SOCIAL MEDIA FUNDRAISING.  Hope to see you there, but if not, check out our LIVESTREAMED EVENTS page.  Nathan’s presentation will be streaming live with ways to chat and interact with others who are tuning in.



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