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Just like the Alamo: REMEMBER THE BOOMERS!

by Willie Matis

A couple weeks ago, I posted about NFC & QR – two technology related things that NEED to be on every fundraisers radar.   Well, last week, I read a post by Justin Brady on Achieve’s blog.  Achieve is about to release their 2012 Millennial Impact Report (if you have not registered to receive it yet, do it NOW), but that is not what the post is about.  The post is talking about REMEMBERING older generations when creating your mobile website, iPad app, and more.

0849 MacSE

OLD PEOPLE DON’T USE THESE ANYMORE! (flickr photo by crabchick)

As much as I would love to keep the Millennial generation on a technological island, that just wouldn’t be right.  There are some boomers who are tech savvy, others who DO KNOW how to navigate the web (even if it is to do something simple), and yes the others realize that they better catch up with technology to keep up.

With “the next generation” up and coming, set to be the largest generation since the boomers, there is  A TON of research being done to find out how to engage millennials.  This is all well and good, but let’s remember one large stereotype of my generation – unfortunately we are overloaded with student loan debt, still in entry/mid-level jobs and are trying to start our lives.  I don’t see much disposable income fitting into that equation.


I am not saying go back to making all of your appeals general for the masses.  I am saying to remember boomers when creating your new website, when pushing out new blog posts, and remember that they are pretty smart people (and tech savvy), too!

How do you separate, yet remember both boomers and millennials in your appeals?
Are you a boomer? How do YOU use technology to keep up?
Are you a millennial?  Is it important to you to remain separate from boomer appeals?



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