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Volunteer Appreciation Month! Thank you’s all around

by Willie Matis

There is only one more week of April left.  Crazy how time flies!  But one more week in April means there is only one more week during National Volunteer Appreciation Month.

photo credit to Good Works Blog

photo credit to Good Works Blog

AFP chapters are groups RUN BY VOLUNTEERS! We would be wrong to not acknowledge all of those who help with AFP membership, programming, communications, leadership, mentorship, sponsorship, and more…

Nathan Hand

President Elect
Carol Lukemeyer

VP of Programs
Beth Kloote

Co-VPs of Membership
Morgan Hoover
Chrissy Vasquez

VP of Finance
Mike Eikenberry

VP of Resource Development
Paula Ingram-Coleman

VP of Communications
Willie Matis

Marcy Zunk

Immediate Past President
Phil Purcell

Chris Brooks

Adam Clevenger

Angela Dabney

Roberta Donohue

Lori Garraghty

Dan Hartmann

Julia Holbrook

Rachel Hughes

Leslie Kidwell

Cara Lathrop

Mike Laudick

Victoria Petersen

Jayne Rayman

Randy Rogers

Elisa Rogowski

Taylor Schuh

Kelly Shrock

Travis Stountenborough

Stacy Traylor

Brandi Young

Rob Zinkan

Chapter Administrator
Sara Nash

We could not do what we do without those listed above.  Also, we’d like to shout out those who may not be on the board but serve on the committee, serve as a mentor/mentee, serve as an advocate for AFP, and more.  It is great to have a group who is so dedicated to not just furthering your own fundraising skills but to furthering the entire fundraising profession as a whole.


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Take Advice from Oprah Winfrey, okay?

by Willie Matis

Last week, I received an email from our VP of Membership, Morgan Hoover, CFRE.  It was about our mentorship program, but what stuck out to me most was the very first line she wrote.

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher” – Oprah Winfrey



I thought to myself…

1) Why would you NOT listen to Oprah?

2) That is some GREAT advice.

The Indiana Chapter of AFP is already a great group of people of whom you should surround yourself.  There are members from the entire gamut of fundraising.  I could go on a Dr. Seuss-like scope with “some are small, some are tall…” about the range of fundraiser who are members, but what I really want to stress is that by becoming a member of AFP, you can tap into each and every one of these people.

To expand even more on surrounding yourself with people who are going to lift you higher is our Mentor Program.

Are you wanting to be a mentee? You can be paired up with someone who is willing to dive in DEEP with you as a fundraiser.  They will not only show you the ropes, they will help you when you climb into the ring.  There is a countless variety of experiences that happen to us fundraisers, and if your mentor DOESN’T know the answer to a question, they most likely have a contact who does.

Are you wanting to be a mentor? FANTASTIC! A benefit other than being a donor of time is that you may gain a fresh perspective when finding answers to the questions coming from someone who is new to the game.  People always say that a fresh pair of eyes helps, and your mentee can be just that.

Please consider being a part of the program by becoming a mentee or mentor.

Sign up by clicking here.

 Questions about the program, please contact Leslie Kidwell at lecarter@iupui.edu or 317-274-1496.

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Fundraising for the Long Run: Major Gifts as the Bridge to Sustainability

By Willie Matis

Unfortunately,  Kris Kindelsperger was trapped by the Polar Vortex; however, his colleague from JGA, Dan Schipp, is able to fill in.

Dan was Fundraiser of the year in 1999. So, we weren’t disappointed, too much.

How do you move from here and now to one that is willing and able to look longer term, to be more sustainable?

1. Move from “transactional” mindset to “relationship” mindset.
– Cost of personal solicitatoon is about .10-.20 per $1 raised,  but participation in giving is 75-80%.

2. Adding a Major Gifts component to you annual fun program.
– Nonprofits that develop a major gifts program receive a 500% ROI on their annual fund program.

3. Stop being comfortable with the refined processes of low yield methods.
– Major Gifts asks are uncomfortable for most because of “guilt” or “fear” of asking for too much.

4. Perception is that a Major Gifts program does not have an immediate return.
– Face to Face solicitation yields the highest success rate.

5. Important Questions to ask
– Do you WANT to move?
– Do you want to EVOLVE?
– Are you willing to invest in long-term sustainability?

6. Be willing to make face to face solicitations.

It was great to see the questions that Dan stirred up, we even saw the wisdom of the room help a fairly new nonprofit on advice with whether or not to dive in and hire a full time fundraiser.  I think a great piece of advice when it comes to making these decisions is “be willing to take risks and think like an entrepreneur”.  It was in Dan’s bullet points, and it is something for ALL nonprofits to remember because we ARE businesses.  Obviously, there may be a bigger fear to take risk because we are so passionate about our cause that we don’t want to think of ever having to shut our doors.  BUT! Think about the expansion you can make to the SIZE of your impact with a little faith.

Dan did a great job filling in for Kris Kindelsperger today. We are grateful he was able to step up when the Polar Vortex had other plans.

Make sure to Save the Date for next month’s events.
– Brown Bag on February 5th.
– Luncheon on February 19th.

Dan Schipp filling in for Kris Kindelsperger

Dan Schipp filling in for Kris Kindelsperger

Big thanks to our sponsors!

Big thanks to our sponsors!

Did you have anything you’d like to add from the presentation today? Comment below!

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3 Reasons to Attend Indiana Philanthropy Day

It is back again ladies and gentleman! The annual day where we recognize not only the importance of fundraising and fundraisers but also the importance of philanthropy on the whole.

Coinciding with National Philanthropy Day, Indiana’s is very special. And here are 3 reasons you will want to attend Indiana Philanthropy Day:

1. Both of the Keynote Speakers come up 1st in their Google Search Rankings.

Penelope Burk and Angela Sinickas are two of the very best in their respective fields.  You will hear from Burk in the morning session speak about Donor Centered Leadership.  In the afternoon, Sinickas will be speaking about Calculating ROI on your Communications.  On the surface the titles of these keynotes may not grab your attention, but with the way fundraising and communications are becoming more and more important in the nonprofit sector, taking the next step from not just DOING but TRACKING can start with these two keynotes.

2. It brings the Philanthropy Family together

It is not just and AFP event.  Indiana Philanthropy Day is brought available in part by AFP, Lilly Family School on Philanthropy, PRSA, APRA, and PGGI.  You won’t see all of the same faces you see at luncheons.  Meet everyone in our state that is interested in the betterment of philanthropy.

3. Breakout sessions. Breakout sessions. Breakout sessions.

The reason we all take a day off from our jobs to attend Philanthropy Day isn’t just to have a party, it is to learn as well.  This year’s breakout sessions bring you a VARIETY of subject to learn from.  There is a track for anyone and everyone depending on where you are in your career with philanthropy, communications, fundraising, and more.



Mark your calendars for November 15th.  If you can’t attend, you will see everyone’s tweets and feel like you’re missing out anyway, so go ahead and register! It’ll be worth it.

Have any questions about the day? Leave them in the comments section below!

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Expectations: The Driver of Social Media Success

post by Willie Matis.

So. I have the opportunity to both write a blog for today ANDpresent at today’s AFP Brown Bag Luncheon.  So, if you are reading this before 11:30am today (9/5), then head on over to the WFYI Building at noon for a great discussion about “Brand A-where-ness + Social Media”.  If you are reading this post AFTER 1pm, or even tomorrow, or the next day, then I hope you went to the Brown Bag or asked someone how the Brown Bag went.

With social media, expectations drive success.  Just like anything, if you do what is expected of you, then good things happen.  If you do not live up to expectations, then one of two things have gone wrong.

1) Expectations were off the mark or misunderstood.
2) You let someone down.

There are so many different platforms throughout the social network, and expectations are different on each platform, and expectations are different according to each person/organization.

Yesterday, Sara Croft sent out a FANTASTIC infographic that was posted on TopNonprofits.com.  Check it out and see what is expected when it comes to posting on Facebook & Twitter.

I also promised at my presentation that I housed a few social media tools that I rely on in this post, and here you go:

If you attended yesterday’s Brown Bag, then you probably remember Nate Pass’s comment toward the end.  He is an engineer with WFYI, but he is just starting a new nonprofit.  Not only can we as fundraisers help him, he can also help us.  His nonprofit is – Media Career Advancement Program – and he has students that would be willing to help with video for your organization.  If you’d like to get in touch with him, you can email him at nate@MCAP-IN.org or check out the website MCAP-IN.org.

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#MCON2012 Takeaway from an AFP Member

written by Willie Matis.

Last Thursday, local consulting group – Achieve – put on a fantastic VIRTUAL conference that had speakers talking about how nonprofits can engage the next generation of donors, what to do now, and how to prepare for the future because of how technology is changing.

There was A TON of information flowing throughout the entire day, but the one thing that kept being brought back up and resonated the most with me is something that I’ve heard some fundraisers say, but others may be missing the boat.

Tell your story.


flickr photo by rittyrats

Telling your organization’s story is so important to the millennial generation.  And, many of you are probably shaking your heads and thinking – Gosh, I already know this.  We try to incorporate success stories in each of our direct mail pieces.

Well I am telling you that MORE is needed.  We, millennials, know that there is going to be a story in your direct mail piece.  Almost so, that we don’t really pay attention to that story.

Tell your story has a different meaning to us……… because we want to be a PART of your story.

Throughout the day at #MCON2012, you could hear different strategies on how to get millennials involved, how to best engage your millennial employees, and how to let millennials own your brand for a bit to let them get to know your organization better.

Telling your story to millennials means this:

– Constant sharing of successes ANDfailures.

– Asking others how THEYwould suggest giving your story a better outcome.

– Giving ways for others to make THEIR OWN STORYusing your brand’s mission.

Telling your story is a lot more than telling now.  Letting others be a PART of your story and letting go of your brand every now and again is an important step in the right direction of engaging the next generation.

What do you think?  Did you attend #MCON2012 and get a different take?
How have you increased your story telling in your fundraising?
Comment below.. or talk with us on Twitter – @AFPIndiana

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Creating an online community where followers help each other

After an off week, last week, because of the awkward placement of Independence Day.  No one wasn’t going to NOT celebrate the 4th of July at some point last week.

But now we are back in action, bringing you thought provoking ideas on best practices, the latest news on our chapters events and still attempting to get livestreamed events up and running for those who can’t always make it out of the office for our Brown Bags or Education Luncheons.

With that being said, we want to make sure that the AFP online community is bringing you what you need.

A sort of spin on this month’s Brown Bag – “What Do CEO’s Want and Need from Development Folks?” – we want to ask YOU….

What do Development Folks Want and Need from the AFP-Indiana Social Media outlets?

A quick recap of what we have to offer:

– This blog! Subscribe here.
Facebook page.
Our LinkedIn Group (Members Only).
Livestreamed Events.

The mission of AFP chapters everywhere is to encourage and foster growth of development and philanthropy.  All of our social media outlets are tools to be used by all fundraisers – members, non-members, Indiana based and beyond.

1) What would you like to see from our social media outlets in the future?
2) What do you think can be done to help encourage other members to use our social media communication?
3) What other suggestions do you have for AFP?

Comment below.  Start a conversation on FacebookTweet at us. Or start a new discussion in the LinkedIn Group!

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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