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Who do you want to win?

by Willie Matis

You can really choose ANYONE.  So who do you want to win?

Nominations for the 2014 Philanthropy Awards are NOW OPEN! Nominations are due by July 31, 2014. So consider this blog post your time to brainstorm on who you want to win. As fundraisers, we are always perusing the news hoping to see a big win for a major donor’s company, or to see a foundation’s name in the paper, or any kind of recognition for donors, right?  Because it opens the door for another opportunity to keep in touch with them!  So why not nominate someone for a Philanthropy Award, and let them know?

(Okay, that is a very vain reason to fill out a nomination)

The great thing about the 2014 Philanthropy Awards is that it is a time for all of us here in Indiana to recognize those who have progressed the sector in some way shape or form. There are a multitude of candidates out there who are deserving of one of these awards.  This is your chance to not only recognize that long-time volunteer with a nice card and a party by your organization, but to give them STATE RECOGNITION for the dedication they have brought to your mission.  This is your chance to recognize that small business that has to penny-pinch in these economic times but has still come through each and every year because they are passionate about helping the community around them.


The 2014 Philanthropy Awards are AWESOME! And here are the categories… now make sure to nominate someone.

Outstanding Civic Organization:  church, social service organization, community groups, and similar entities  

Outstanding Foundation:  donor-advised fund, foundation, corporate foundation, and similar entities

Oustanding Corporation:  business with more than 100 employees and/or annual revenue greater than $5 million

Outstanding Small Business:  business with 100 or fewer employees and/or annual revenue of $5 million or less

Outstanding Fundraising Professional:  professional fundraiser employed specifically in the development field who has generated significant revenue for his or her organization.  He or she must have demonstrated creative and stimulating leadership, and practiced and promoted ethical fundraising.  (Must be a current member of AFP)

Lifetime Achievement:  an individual or family who has demonstrated a record of exceptional service (as a donor or volunteer) and has left a remarkable legacy in the Indiana community and/or beyond

Outstanding Philanthropist:  an individual or family whose generosity during the past year transformed the community and/or encouraged others to take philanthropic leadership roles

Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser:  an individual or family that demonstrated outstanding skills in coordinating and motivating groups of volunteers for fundraising projects for the benefit of charitable institutions

Outstanding Youth Achievement:  an individual or group between the ages of 5 and 17 who participated in direct  financial support, development of charitable programs, volunteerism and/or philanthropic leadership

Outstanding Young Adult:  an adult or group between the ages of 18 and 25 who participated in direct financial support, development of charitable programs, volunteerism and/or philanthropic leadership


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3 Reasons to Attend Indiana Philanthropy Day

It is back again ladies and gentleman! The annual day where we recognize not only the importance of fundraising and fundraisers but also the importance of philanthropy on the whole.

Coinciding with National Philanthropy Day, Indiana’s is very special. And here are 3 reasons you will want to attend Indiana Philanthropy Day:

1. Both of the Keynote Speakers come up 1st in their Google Search Rankings.

Penelope Burk and Angela Sinickas are two of the very best in their respective fields.  You will hear from Burk in the morning session speak about Donor Centered Leadership.  In the afternoon, Sinickas will be speaking about Calculating ROI on your Communications.  On the surface the titles of these keynotes may not grab your attention, but with the way fundraising and communications are becoming more and more important in the nonprofit sector, taking the next step from not just DOING but TRACKING can start with these two keynotes.

2. It brings the Philanthropy Family together

It is not just and AFP event.  Indiana Philanthropy Day is brought available in part by AFP, Lilly Family School on Philanthropy, PRSA, APRA, and PGGI.  You won’t see all of the same faces you see at luncheons.  Meet everyone in our state that is interested in the betterment of philanthropy.

3. Breakout sessions. Breakout sessions. Breakout sessions.

The reason we all take a day off from our jobs to attend Philanthropy Day isn’t just to have a party, it is to learn as well.  This year’s breakout sessions bring you a VARIETY of subject to learn from.  There is a track for anyone and everyone depending on where you are in your career with philanthropy, communications, fundraising, and more.



Mark your calendars for November 15th.  If you can’t attend, you will see everyone’s tweets and feel like you’re missing out anyway, so go ahead and register! It’ll be worth it.

Have any questions about the day? Leave them in the comments section below!

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