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High Impact Philanthropy From Good Intentions to Impact

We are so thankul to have Kat Rosqueta join us to talk about how to best show impact in todays world of fundraising.


What is high impact philanthropy?
Trying to get to the social impact. We want to answer the question – How can I as a donor do the most good with my money?

85% of individuals WANT to know the performance of the nonprofits who use their gifts.

Must be evidence based. This means starting with research, seeking informed opinion, and field experience (practical wisdom).

How is it different from other approaches?
Measuring and managing impact… Inputs — Processes — Outputs — Outcomes — Impact.

You show impact compared to WHAT. Showing the change that occured because the program existed. Kat had a great visual about this showing that students stayd at the same reading level through grades 1-5, but they were below grade level.  This needs to be compared to what would happen without a program, without education, which would’ve been students with a continual decrease in reading level compared to grade.

Tools for practicing high impact philanthropy.
Showing the “comparative bang for a buck” is very important.  If a donor knows that their dollar is being stretched to do the MOST good.

[Book suggestion: More Than Good Intentions.]

TIP 1 – Start with your end goal.
TIP 2 – Metrics that matter.
TIP 3 – A little research can go a long way.

These are just the cliff notes. Kat spread a world of knowledge on us. So if you missed out today, then you need to sign up now for May’s program!!


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Take Advice from Oprah Winfrey, okay?

by Willie Matis

Last week, I received an email from our VP of Membership, Morgan Hoover, CFRE.  It was about our mentorship program, but what stuck out to me most was the very first line she wrote.

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher” – Oprah Winfrey



I thought to myself…

1) Why would you NOT listen to Oprah?

2) That is some GREAT advice.

The Indiana Chapter of AFP is already a great group of people of whom you should surround yourself.  There are members from the entire gamut of fundraising.  I could go on a Dr. Seuss-like scope with “some are small, some are tall…” about the range of fundraiser who are members, but what I really want to stress is that by becoming a member of AFP, you can tap into each and every one of these people.

To expand even more on surrounding yourself with people who are going to lift you higher is our Mentor Program.

Are you wanting to be a mentee? You can be paired up with someone who is willing to dive in DEEP with you as a fundraiser.  They will not only show you the ropes, they will help you when you climb into the ring.  There is a countless variety of experiences that happen to us fundraisers, and if your mentor DOESN’T know the answer to a question, they most likely have a contact who does.

Are you wanting to be a mentor? FANTASTIC! A benefit other than being a donor of time is that you may gain a fresh perspective when finding answers to the questions coming from someone who is new to the game.  People always say that a fresh pair of eyes helps, and your mentee can be just that.

Please consider being a part of the program by becoming a mentee or mentor.

Sign up by clicking here.

 Questions about the program, please contact Leslie Kidwell at lecarter@iupui.edu or 317-274-1496.

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Past, Present, and Future

by Willie Matis

A conversation with new President at Nina Mason Pulliam Trust, Gene D’Adamo.


A nice and easy living room conversation with our Chapter President, Nathan Hand.

Some quick insight. Mr. D’Adamo loves Mesh on Mass Ave.

But let’s get to the meat of what we learned today…

“Self – efficiency is an important initiative for Nina Mason Pulliam Trust moving forward, how does your program promote this to clients?” – Gene D’Adamo.

Question: How do you distribute dollars between priorities and geographic area?
Answer: 60% going into helping people in need. Closer to 30% is going toward the helping animals and environment.  But it varies from year to year and bading it on the economic environment and where the greatest needs are.  The programs with the best merit are where we want dollars to go.

Impact is hard to answer. But they are currently looking at what is possible to measure and what is plausible enough to measure.

Question: What is your take on the grantor/grantee relationships?
Answers: – We want an honest communication. When you have a big change, let us know. If you can’t fulfill a grant, let us know ahead of time because we can change things up.
– Plan ahead. Plan ahead. Plan ahead.
– Don’t go around us.  Be direct. If youre talking about collaborations then make sure that collaboration is happening!

What did you like about the conversation with Mr. D’Adamo? Comment below!

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Social Media, Storytelling, and Snowmen

By Willie Matis


Wednesday, February 5th, 2014,  join us at Keep Indianapolis Beautiful as we listen to social media great – Jeff Stanger.

Jeff has a great social media influence here in Indy,  and if you didn’t know that,  then check him out on Twitter (@jeffstanger).

Jeff will join us to talk about how you can distinguish your organization online.  So who should attend this session?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions…

– Why aren’t people liking our stuff on Facebook?
– How do I get more retweets?
– How do I make sure people know how to tag our social media accounts?
– How do I make our online presence more engaging?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these things, then I will see you there next Wednesday.


The Brown Bag starts at 12 noon, and it will last until 1:15. And is free!!

Have any questions, but you can’t attend? Leave them in the comments below and we will bensure to ask them for you!

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Fundraising for the Long Run: Major Gifts as the Bridge to Sustainability

By Willie Matis

Unfortunately,  Kris Kindelsperger was trapped by the Polar Vortex; however, his colleague from JGA, Dan Schipp, is able to fill in.

Dan was Fundraiser of the year in 1999. So, we weren’t disappointed, too much.

How do you move from here and now to one that is willing and able to look longer term, to be more sustainable?

1. Move from “transactional” mindset to “relationship” mindset.
– Cost of personal solicitatoon is about .10-.20 per $1 raised,  but participation in giving is 75-80%.

2. Adding a Major Gifts component to you annual fun program.
– Nonprofits that develop a major gifts program receive a 500% ROI on their annual fund program.

3. Stop being comfortable with the refined processes of low yield methods.
– Major Gifts asks are uncomfortable for most because of “guilt” or “fear” of asking for too much.

4. Perception is that a Major Gifts program does not have an immediate return.
– Face to Face solicitation yields the highest success rate.

5. Important Questions to ask
– Do you WANT to move?
– Do you want to EVOLVE?
– Are you willing to invest in long-term sustainability?

6. Be willing to make face to face solicitations.

It was great to see the questions that Dan stirred up, we even saw the wisdom of the room help a fairly new nonprofit on advice with whether or not to dive in and hire a full time fundraiser.  I think a great piece of advice when it comes to making these decisions is “be willing to take risks and think like an entrepreneur”.  It was in Dan’s bullet points, and it is something for ALL nonprofits to remember because we ARE businesses.  Obviously, there may be a bigger fear to take risk because we are so passionate about our cause that we don’t want to think of ever having to shut our doors.  BUT! Think about the expansion you can make to the SIZE of your impact with a little faith.

Dan did a great job filling in for Kris Kindelsperger today. We are grateful he was able to step up when the Polar Vortex had other plans.

Make sure to Save the Date for next month’s events.
– Brown Bag on February 5th.
– Luncheon on February 19th.

Dan Schipp filling in for Kris Kindelsperger

Dan Schipp filling in for Kris Kindelsperger

Big thanks to our sponsors!

Big thanks to our sponsors!

Did you have anything you’d like to add from the presentation today? Comment below!

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She Helps Create Real Life Kaleidoscopes

by Willie Matis

And she is our speaker at next week’s AFP Brown Bag.  I think it is safe to say thst you arent going to want to miss this.

Jo Holbein has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University with a concentration in graphic design and over 30 years experience as a designer, art director and creative director.  Jo currently is the Director of Creative Services for the Indianapolis Zoo where her department is responsible for implementing and maintaining the Zoo’s brand and identity in all areas.  This includes the design and production of all marketing and promotional materials, interpretive message presentation, corporate sponsorship integration and donor recognition, as well as representing the guest perspective and brand cohesion during exhibit design.

Butterfly Exhibit

If you went to the Indianapolis Zoo over the past summer then you either saw or walked past a grewt project of hers. The Butterfly Exhibit that opened in late March was due in large parts to Holbein. Read more about the exhibit here.

So if branding is a forbidden, or worse yet, a forgotten topic at your organization or if you are wanting to FURTHER your organization’s brand, then come learn from an experienced professional with background in both the for-profit and non-profit world.

REGISTER TODAY. You can RSVP by emailing Sally Zelonis, CFRE, at szelonis@indyzoo.com or calling (317) 630-2018.

What are some questions you will want to ask Jo next Wednesday?
How important is branding to a fundraiser? Comment below.

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Expectations: The Driver of Social Media Success

post by Willie Matis.

So. I have the opportunity to both write a blog for today ANDpresent at today’s AFP Brown Bag Luncheon.  So, if you are reading this before 11:30am today (9/5), then head on over to the WFYI Building at noon for a great discussion about “Brand A-where-ness + Social Media”.  If you are reading this post AFTER 1pm, or even tomorrow, or the next day, then I hope you went to the Brown Bag or asked someone how the Brown Bag went.

With social media, expectations drive success.  Just like anything, if you do what is expected of you, then good things happen.  If you do not live up to expectations, then one of two things have gone wrong.

1) Expectations were off the mark or misunderstood.
2) You let someone down.

There are so many different platforms throughout the social network, and expectations are different on each platform, and expectations are different according to each person/organization.

Yesterday, Sara Croft sent out a FANTASTIC infographic that was posted on TopNonprofits.com.  Check it out and see what is expected when it comes to posting on Facebook & Twitter.

I also promised at my presentation that I housed a few social media tools that I rely on in this post, and here you go:

If you attended yesterday’s Brown Bag, then you probably remember Nate Pass’s comment toward the end.  He is an engineer with WFYI, but he is just starting a new nonprofit.  Not only can we as fundraisers help him, he can also help us.  His nonprofit is – Media Career Advancement Program – and he has students that would be willing to help with video for your organization.  If you’d like to get in touch with him, you can email him at nate@MCAP-IN.org or check out the website MCAP-IN.org.

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