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Stewardship, Stewardship, Stewardship

by Willie Matis

We all talk about it. Stewardship.

“We need to steward our major donors better.”

“We need to steward our first time donors EARLY.”

“We need to steward our corporate partnerships because they can open up many doors.”

But do we understand HOW to steward?  Do we understand stewardship at its core?

photo credit to Good Works Blog

photo credit to Good Works Blog

Enter: Rob MacPherson.

Rob MacPherson serves as Vice President for Development & Philanthropic Services with the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF).  He directs the Foundation’s asset development strategies and donor services activities.  In addition to working with prospective donors to promote the ease and advantages of partnering with the community foundation to fulfill charitable wishes, Rob works closely with CICF’s current donors to keep them engaged with the Foundation’s work in the community and informed on current trends in central Indiana and with charitable giving.

Even if we know a bit about stewardship, this will be a very VALUABLE luncheon next Wednesday – February 19th!

CICF represents hundreds of philanthropists throughout the state so Rob will have a little bit for everyone.  MAKE SURE TO REGISTER TODAY! You don’t want to miss out.  We are almost at capacity for the event, and this is one where you not only get to learn about stewardship but also hear from a funder.

We will be there in the front row.  What questions would you like us to have prepared for Rob’s presentation?  We will ask him for you if you leave them in the comments section.

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Creating an online community where followers help each other

After an off week, last week, because of the awkward placement of Independence Day.  No one wasn’t going to NOT celebrate the 4th of July at some point last week.

But now we are back in action, bringing you thought provoking ideas on best practices, the latest news on our chapters events and still attempting to get livestreamed events up and running for those who can’t always make it out of the office for our Brown Bags or Education Luncheons.

With that being said, we want to make sure that the AFP online community is bringing you what you need.

A sort of spin on this month’s Brown Bag – “What Do CEO’s Want and Need from Development Folks?” – we want to ask YOU….

What do Development Folks Want and Need from the AFP-Indiana Social Media outlets?

A quick recap of what we have to offer:

– This blog! Subscribe here.
Facebook page.
Our LinkedIn Group (Members Only).
Livestreamed Events.

The mission of AFP chapters everywhere is to encourage and foster growth of development and philanthropy.  All of our social media outlets are tools to be used by all fundraisers – members, non-members, Indiana based and beyond.

1) What would you like to see from our social media outlets in the future?
2) What do you think can be done to help encourage other members to use our social media communication?
3) What other suggestions do you have for AFP?

Comment below.  Start a conversation on FacebookTweet at us. Or start a new discussion in the LinkedIn Group!

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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