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Creating an online community where followers help each other

After an off week, last week, because of the awkward placement of Independence Day.  No one wasn’t going to NOT celebrate the 4th of July at some point last week.

But now we are back in action, bringing you thought provoking ideas on best practices, the latest news on our chapters events and still attempting to get livestreamed events up and running for those who can’t always make it out of the office for our Brown Bags or Education Luncheons.

With that being said, we want to make sure that the AFP online community is bringing you what you need.

A sort of spin on this month’s Brown Bag – “What Do CEO’s Want and Need from Development Folks?” – we want to ask YOU….

What do Development Folks Want and Need from the AFP-Indiana Social Media outlets?

A quick recap of what we have to offer:

– This blog! Subscribe here.
Facebook page.
Our LinkedIn Group (Members Only).
Livestreamed Events.

The mission of AFP chapters everywhere is to encourage and foster growth of development and philanthropy.  All of our social media outlets are tools to be used by all fundraisers – members, non-members, Indiana based and beyond.

1) What would you like to see from our social media outlets in the future?
2) What do you think can be done to help encourage other members to use our social media communication?
3) What other suggestions do you have for AFP?

Comment below.  Start a conversation on FacebookTweet at us. Or start a new discussion in the LinkedIn Group!

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Spirit of Philanthropy

Today’s post written by Leslie Kidwell, AFP-IC Vice President of Membership and Major Gifts Associate at IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI.

I am pleased to be a guest blogger on the Assocation of Fundraising Professionals – Indiana Chapter’s new blog. As a professional fundraiser and member of AFP, and presuming much of this blog’s readership is as well, I invite you to celebrate our profession. Our work as fundraisers is to proudly and boldly raise private funds, though it is often easy to get bogged down and even a little burned out with the day-to-day tasks and pressures of reaching the measurable metrics, leaving us to forget the proudly part.

However, there are occasions when we are reminded that we are blessed to be in our profession of inviting individuals to transform lives and communities through their philanthropy.


flickr photo by Courtney Dirks

One of those occasions occurred for me recently, as I attended my institution’s annual event celebrating the spirit of giving back. I was reminded that I truly have one of the best professions out there. As a relationship builder and change agent, I get to inform people on how they can give back and make a difference. I have the privilege of teaching individuals the gentle art of giving. What could be better than that? It is occasions likethe one I just attended that leave me feeling empowered and motivated to do better.

One of my favorite quotes is by Winston Churchill –

“You make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Not only do I get to invite others to make a life by giving, my life is made by giving and impacting those in which my work touches though the spirit of philanthropy. May my words leave you empowered and motivated to be a better fundraiser.

Through AFP-Indiana’s Twitter account, we try to give some motivation on Monday’s using #MondayMotivation quotes throughout the day.
What are some of the ways you are able to self-motivate and remind yourself of the value of the work you are doing?
Comment below or join the conversation on our Facebook page!


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Speak the truth in fundraising

Today’s post is a guest post written by Sandy Rees. Sandy Rees CFRE, founder of GetFullyFunded, helps nonprofit leaders raise the money of their dreams and build successful Boards. She’s a Coach and Consultant and provides clients with the “how to” of fundraising as well as help with personal/professional development. You can learn more about her and the GetFullyFunded system at www.GetFullyFunded.com.

Speaking the truth in fundraising is critically important.  As an AFP member, I subscribe to a code of ethics that’s based on truth and professionalism. Yet, I find many professional fundraisers aren’t totally speaking the truth in fundraising.  Let me explain.

Speaking the truth is not just about telling factual information about your organization.  It’s also about your personal willingness to accept what’s true about your fundraising environment. It may require you to shift your thinking a bit and let go of some beliefs that aren’t serving you.

The truth is that your organization was started to do something worthwhile and make a difference in this world.

Whether you’re feeding the hungry, protecting clean water, or preserving history, you’re really about changing lives.  That’s the first piece of truth you must believe in.

Next, you MUST accept that if your organization is doing something worthwhile, it’s worthy of receiving donations.  Lots of donations.

BIG donations.

I’m astounded at the number of people who view their organization as “just a little nonprofit” and don’t see it as equal to other nonprofits.  They say things like “Our mission isn’t sexy like _______.”  “We don’t have major donors like _______ does.”  “We can’t get the media’s attention like _______ does.”  Do you see the stinkin’ thinkin’ here?  When you think like this, you are actually setting the course for the future.  You’re dooming your nonprofit to remain small.

Here’s the truth:  your nonprofit is just as worthy as any other nonprofit out there.  So start acting like it.

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.”  Buddha

flickr photo by lan Sane

Finally, you must believe that no matter what you hear on the news about the economy, there are people out there who want to support your cause and are willing to make a gift.  (If you need to, read that sentence again and again.)  It’s true.  I heard from a client just the other day, that they reached their campaign goal already this year (and they have nine months to go!).  You are no different.  You can do this too.

The success in fundraising happens when you use best practice fundraising techniques with a positive outlook, and you expect good things to happen. Once you learn how to recognize and speak the truth, I bet you’ll find it incredibly freeing, and you’ll find fundraising to be easier and more fruitful.

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AFP – Indiana Chapter has a blog! And here’s how we are using it

 AFP International was founded in 1960.

The Indiana Chapter was founded in 1982.

And Facebook…………….. 2004.

Through AFP Indiana‘s 30 year history, the association has kept its mission of fostering the growth of development of philanthropy, the fund-raising profession, the Chapter, and its individual members.  We have done this by holding meetings, workshops, discussions, Indiana Fundraising Days, and more, and the best way to continue to foster growth of the profession, the Chapter, and its individual members is by growing in the same way as the profession and its members.

Fundraising and social media are becoming more and more intertwined with every new blog post about how to engage donors with all of Facebook‘s changes, with every picture that is pinned to someone’s Pinterest board, and with every Retweet, +1, Stumble, Share and so on.

social surf

flickr photo by spillarke

Through this blog, our Facebook page, our Twitter page and more, the AFP Indiana Chapter will be fostering growth of the fund-raising profession, your individual skill set as fund-raisers and the Chapter as a whole.  Join us in any way you would like – subscribe to this blog, LIKE our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter – that is the nature of social media right? Meet your audience where they are!

Posts about direct mail pieces, annual fund programs, capital campaigns, chapter events and fundraising in general will be found here.  Want to guest post? Click here. Most posts will be from External Communications committee member, Willie Matis, but other posts will come from board members and other committee members as well.


We are lucky enough to begin our blog and revamped social media efforts on the same day as Nathan Hand‘s Brown Bag Series presentation titled – SOCIAL MEDIA FUNDRAISING.  Hope to see you there, but if not, check out our LIVESTREAMED EVENTS page.  Nathan’s presentation will be streaming live with ways to chat and interact with others who are tuning in.



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