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by Willie Matis

Happy Hump Day everyone! Your weekly AFP blog is here, and it is aimed RIGHT AT OUR MEMBERS!

First step, check out this quick video giving you an overview of the BE the CAUSE campaign.

AFP Foundation – BE the CAUSE Toolkit Video from AFP IHQ on Vimeo.

Second step, donate now. 

It is important for all members to participate in the BE the CAUSE campaign.  The three reasons why people give to the BE the CAUSE campaign are to advance the issues that affect our profession, because ethical and effective fundraising builds trust with potential donors, and because the next generation of fundraisers will carry on your life’s work!

Please consider giving to the BE the CAUSE campaign today.  This will not only help the fundraising sector as a whole be a portion of every donation you make comes back to OUR VERY OWN Indiana chapter.

Why do you give to the AFP Foundation?  Please share below in the comments section.

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Something you may not know about AFP…

by Willie Matis

One thing that we talk about constantly at AFP events and board meetings, how come people don’t know about all of the great benefits of membership?

One reason may be because people don’t look into membership because they think it may be too expensive.  So before we talk benefits, let’s talk CATEGORIES.

Other than the regular, Professional membership category at $250, check out these others…

join-membershipAre you 30 or under? And it’s tough to pay dues with a nonprofit salary?
Check out the YOUNG PROFESSIONAL category.  It is only $75.  Much easier for you to take to management for reimbursement, or easier for you to afford yourself.

Are you retired from the field but still want to mentor and keep in touch with the industry?
You don’t have to have that in your retirement.  The RETIRED category is also $75.  Maybe that nonprofit you volunteer for will take care of it because of the great knowledge and effort you bring to them.

You’re not in a fundraising role?
Check out the ASSOCIATE category.  It has the same price tag as the professional, but just because you are not part of the “fundraising” team, you can still be a part of AFP.

In college, and you can’t spend all of your cafeteria money on an AFP membership?
For only $35, you can become a part of AFP no matter what your major.  Just make sure that their is a Collegiate Chapter of AFP at your university of college.

So now, I’d like to say that you don’t have an excuse NOT to join AFP, but right here is where you can ask questions.  Feel free to enter them in the comments section below.  Or, better yet, come out to an AFP event and meet a few other members, ask your questions there, and make a decision after that! It’s great!

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3 Reasons to Attend Indiana Philanthropy Day

It is back again ladies and gentleman! The annual day where we recognize not only the importance of fundraising and fundraisers but also the importance of philanthropy on the whole.

Coinciding with National Philanthropy Day, Indiana’s is very special. And here are 3 reasons you will want to attend Indiana Philanthropy Day:

1. Both of the Keynote Speakers come up 1st in their Google Search Rankings.

Penelope Burk and Angela Sinickas are two of the very best in their respective fields.  You will hear from Burk in the morning session speak about Donor Centered Leadership.  In the afternoon, Sinickas will be speaking about Calculating ROI on your Communications.  On the surface the titles of these keynotes may not grab your attention, but with the way fundraising and communications are becoming more and more important in the nonprofit sector, taking the next step from not just DOING but TRACKING can start with these two keynotes.

2. It brings the Philanthropy Family together

It is not just and AFP event.  Indiana Philanthropy Day is brought available in part by AFP, Lilly Family School on Philanthropy, PRSA, APRA, and PGGI.  You won’t see all of the same faces you see at luncheons.  Meet everyone in our state that is interested in the betterment of philanthropy.

3. Breakout sessions. Breakout sessions. Breakout sessions.

The reason we all take a day off from our jobs to attend Philanthropy Day isn’t just to have a party, it is to learn as well.  This year’s breakout sessions bring you a VARIETY of subject to learn from.  There is a track for anyone and everyone depending on where you are in your career with philanthropy, communications, fundraising, and more.



Mark your calendars for November 15th.  If you can’t attend, you will see everyone’s tweets and feel like you’re missing out anyway, so go ahead and register! It’ll be worth it.

Have any questions about the day? Leave them in the comments section below!

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Expectations: The Driver of Social Media Success

post by Willie Matis.

So. I have the opportunity to both write a blog for today ANDpresent at today’s AFP Brown Bag Luncheon.  So, if you are reading this before 11:30am today (9/5), then head on over to the WFYI Building at noon for a great discussion about “Brand A-where-ness + Social Media”.  If you are reading this post AFTER 1pm, or even tomorrow, or the next day, then I hope you went to the Brown Bag or asked someone how the Brown Bag went.

With social media, expectations drive success.  Just like anything, if you do what is expected of you, then good things happen.  If you do not live up to expectations, then one of two things have gone wrong.

1) Expectations were off the mark or misunderstood.
2) You let someone down.

There are so many different platforms throughout the social network, and expectations are different on each platform, and expectations are different according to each person/organization.

Yesterday, Sara Croft sent out a FANTASTIC infographic that was posted on TopNonprofits.com.  Check it out and see what is expected when it comes to posting on Facebook & Twitter.

I also promised at my presentation that I housed a few social media tools that I rely on in this post, and here you go:

If you attended yesterday’s Brown Bag, then you probably remember Nate Pass’s comment toward the end.  He is an engineer with WFYI, but he is just starting a new nonprofit.  Not only can we as fundraisers help him, he can also help us.  His nonprofit is – Media Career Advancement Program – and he has students that would be willing to help with video for your organization.  If you’d like to get in touch with him, you can email him at nate@MCAP-IN.org or check out the website MCAP-IN.org.

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Creating an online community where followers help each other

After an off week, last week, because of the awkward placement of Independence Day.  No one wasn’t going to NOT celebrate the 4th of July at some point last week.

But now we are back in action, bringing you thought provoking ideas on best practices, the latest news on our chapters events and still attempting to get livestreamed events up and running for those who can’t always make it out of the office for our Brown Bags or Education Luncheons.

With that being said, we want to make sure that the AFP online community is bringing you what you need.

A sort of spin on this month’s Brown Bag – “What Do CEO’s Want and Need from Development Folks?” – we want to ask YOU….

What do Development Folks Want and Need from the AFP-Indiana Social Media outlets?

A quick recap of what we have to offer:

– This blog! Subscribe here.
Facebook page.
Our LinkedIn Group (Members Only).
Livestreamed Events.

The mission of AFP chapters everywhere is to encourage and foster growth of development and philanthropy.  All of our social media outlets are tools to be used by all fundraisers – members, non-members, Indiana based and beyond.

1) What would you like to see from our social media outlets in the future?
2) What do you think can be done to help encourage other members to use our social media communication?
3) What other suggestions do you have for AFP?

Comment below.  Start a conversation on FacebookTweet at us. Or start a new discussion in the LinkedIn Group!

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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The Millennial Impact: What it says about Millennial Giving

A couple of weeks ago, a  local fundraising consulting group – Achieve – released another groundbreaking report on Millennials.  The report covered how they learn about nonprofits, engage with nonprofits, give to nonprofits, and even gave us a few case studies on how nonprofits have been able to engage the generation and attract them to give.

The quick and dirty from the infographic – Millennials are giving (75% who answered the survey). and they want to know exactly what difference their gift will make.

How do you show your donors that their gift has made a difference?
How do you do it quickly for the millennials?
Do you have questions on what tools are out there?
Comment below!  Let’s discuss it.


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How to answer two major questions: Become an AFP member? Get a CFRE?

post by Willie Matis

Honestly, I can only speak on the benefits of becoming an AFP member.  I do not have a CFRE, and I am currently not on track to get my CFRE because I have yet to be in the industry long enough.

BUT! We have the power of the web…

and, today’s Brown Bag Luncheon is on this very subjectAFP Indiana members and guests will be meeting at Keep Indianapolis Beautiful office to listen to four great fundraisers about the advantages and disadvantages of becoming an AFP member and getting your CFRE.

What do YOU consider to be benefits of being an AFP member or getting your CFRE?

You can comment below.  Join the discussion on our Facebook page. Or, tweet at us and let us know!

I’ll go first….

“AFP member benefit –> being able to use the Chapter as a tool to meet people who have experienced things you are currently going through”

“AFP member benefit –> now there are NEW member categories to make it affordable to access the AFP network!”


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Direct Mail Pieces that will attract Millennials

post by Willie Matis


So.  You may be wondering why I am talking about direct mail pieces that attract millennials if millennials don’t read.  Now this isn’t entirely true, but it did suck you into reading further right? Okay, so if you are a millennial then I need to regain your attention right about….

NOW! Check out this picture…

books read in 2009

flickr photo by stevecoutts

For us fundraisers, it is hard to get ANYONE’S attention.  Let alone the “multi-tasking, ever-texting, no eye-contact” millennials.  (This is where I stop making fun of people my age and get to show you that we are capable bodies.)

These two articles here (Article 1, Article 2) show that millennials DO READ, we just do so differently.  We don’t go to the library and take out Encyclopedia Brittanica Volume 5 out anymore to learn about seals  and sharks.  At least we haven’t since the 3rd grade. So, if millennials read but read differently, then how can you tailor your direct mail differently?

1. Don’t put it in an envelope.

We have already received too many credit cards, bills and other junk in envelopes.  Make your direct mail piece a unique size that does not resemble an envelope in the slightest bit.

2. Immediately give us an action.

Similar to how I told the millennials to look at that picture.  Your eye catching image, title or picture needs to present an action that can be taken.  After you tell us what to do, we most likely will read the your short paragraph to understand WHY you want us to take that action.

3. Make that action something that you can track.

So this is the tricky part.  You want to find out if your direct mail piece worked.  Obviously in the past, you judge successful direct mail by responses that include a check.  The likelihood of a millennial having a checkbook is very, very slim.  The likelihood of a millennial having a checkbook in their purse or somewhere that they KNOW where it is?? Probably impossible.

Make the next action measureable.  You are probably now thinking about sending us to your website and having us sign up for your eNewsletter.  IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO SO! Just be honest in telling us why you are having us fill out another online form asking us for our name and email address.  Just tell it like it is.  Have the header of the sign up form say – Yes we are asking for you to sign up for our eNewsletter because we really want to tell you a story about how you can help Timmy the Elephant protect his family in South Africa.

(So that was a made up story but it takes me to my final point.)

4. Tell us a fantastic story within 48 hours of us taking that action.

Timmy the Elephant protecting his family in South Africa would be a great story for the millennial who is worried about elephants going extinct.  John Doe going from homelessness to helping others off the streets will be great for the millennial who wants to assist the homeless.  Tell us a fantastic story, but tell it in a fantastic way.

So if you read every word of this blog post, you are either 1) not a millennial or 2) I did a great job of attracting you, the millennial.  Your action step? Subscribe to this blog & we will talk more about how to tell stories that engage millennials.


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