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Brackets for Good

By: Abby Peck


The convergence of college rivalries and basketball fanatics is upon us! This time of year we find unique ways to beat the odds and pick the winning team. This impossible feat has been challenged year after year with no avail. The most difficult factor of creating the perfect bracket is the illusive “Cinderella Story”. A team that defies logic and overcomes doubt, becoming everyone’s favorite team in the end.

This year the true Cinderella Story is the Brackets For Good Campaign. After all, is there a better way to embrace friendly competition than donating to your favorite charity? All bets are off and all donations are on with this unique and exciting philanthropic opportunity. Your gift will gain them points in a single elimination round competition! Give the charity of your choice your best shot and donate at the Brackets For Good website.

Here’s the play by play:

Imagine the college basketball tournament, but the teams are local non-profit organizations. The match-ups are one week long and $1 = 1 point donated via 

Nonprofits advance through the single elimination tournament by scoring more points than their opponent. The winning organization receives an additional $10,000 unrestricted donation from Valeo Financial Advisors. If you want your donation to go further, help your team get further in the competition.

Take this chance to support your favorite local nonprofit organization and cheer them on. All competition aside, these are wonderful causes and a great way to extend the reach of their mission. All donations will make an impact on our wonderful community, which is the name of the game!

Score a slam dunk for your favorite charity today!

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by Willie Matis

Happy Hump Day everyone! Your weekly AFP blog is here, and it is aimed RIGHT AT OUR MEMBERS!

First step, check out this quick video giving you an overview of the BE the CAUSE campaign.

AFP Foundation – BE the CAUSE Toolkit Video from AFP IHQ on Vimeo.

Second step, donate now. 

It is important for all members to participate in the BE the CAUSE campaign.  The three reasons why people give to the BE the CAUSE campaign are to advance the issues that affect our profession, because ethical and effective fundraising builds trust with potential donors, and because the next generation of fundraisers will carry on your life’s work!

Please consider giving to the BE the CAUSE campaign today.  This will not only help the fundraising sector as a whole be a portion of every donation you make comes back to OUR VERY OWN Indiana chapter.

Why do you give to the AFP Foundation?  Please share below in the comments section.

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Volunteer Appreciation Month! Thank you’s all around

by Willie Matis

There is only one more week of April left.  Crazy how time flies!  But one more week in April means there is only one more week during National Volunteer Appreciation Month.

photo credit to Good Works Blog

photo credit to Good Works Blog

AFP chapters are groups RUN BY VOLUNTEERS! We would be wrong to not acknowledge all of those who help with AFP membership, programming, communications, leadership, mentorship, sponsorship, and more…

Nathan Hand

President Elect
Carol Lukemeyer

VP of Programs
Beth Kloote

Co-VPs of Membership
Morgan Hoover
Chrissy Vasquez

VP of Finance
Mike Eikenberry

VP of Resource Development
Paula Ingram-Coleman

VP of Communications
Willie Matis

Marcy Zunk

Immediate Past President
Phil Purcell

Chris Brooks

Adam Clevenger

Angela Dabney

Roberta Donohue

Lori Garraghty

Dan Hartmann

Julia Holbrook

Rachel Hughes

Leslie Kidwell

Cara Lathrop

Mike Laudick

Victoria Petersen

Jayne Rayman

Randy Rogers

Elisa Rogowski

Taylor Schuh

Kelly Shrock

Travis Stountenborough

Stacy Traylor

Brandi Young

Rob Zinkan

Chapter Administrator
Sara Nash

We could not do what we do without those listed above.  Also, we’d like to shout out those who may not be on the board but serve on the committee, serve as a mentor/mentee, serve as an advocate for AFP, and more.  It is great to have a group who is so dedicated to not just furthering your own fundraising skills but to furthering the entire fundraising profession as a whole.


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High Impact Philanthropy From Good Intentions to Impact

We are so thankul to have Kat Rosqueta join us to talk about how to best show impact in todays world of fundraising.


What is high impact philanthropy?
Trying to get to the social impact. We want to answer the question – How can I as a donor do the most good with my money?

85% of individuals WANT to know the performance of the nonprofits who use their gifts.

Must be evidence based. This means starting with research, seeking informed opinion, and field experience (practical wisdom).

How is it different from other approaches?
Measuring and managing impact… Inputs — Processes — Outputs — Outcomes — Impact.

You show impact compared to WHAT. Showing the change that occured because the program existed. Kat had a great visual about this showing that students stayd at the same reading level through grades 1-5, but they were below grade level.  This needs to be compared to what would happen without a program, without education, which would’ve been students with a continual decrease in reading level compared to grade.

Tools for practicing high impact philanthropy.
Showing the “comparative bang for a buck” is very important.  If a donor knows that their dollar is being stretched to do the MOST good.

[Book suggestion: More Than Good Intentions.]

TIP 1 – Start with your end goal.
TIP 2 – Metrics that matter.
TIP 3 – A little research can go a long way.

These are just the cliff notes. Kat spread a world of knowledge on us. So if you missed out today, then you need to sign up now for May’s program!!

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Something you may not know about AFP…

by Willie Matis

One thing that we talk about constantly at AFP events and board meetings, how come people don’t know about all of the great benefits of membership?

One reason may be because people don’t look into membership because they think it may be too expensive.  So before we talk benefits, let’s talk CATEGORIES.

Other than the regular, Professional membership category at $250, check out these others…

join-membershipAre you 30 or under? And it’s tough to pay dues with a nonprofit salary?
Check out the YOUNG PROFESSIONAL category.  It is only $75.  Much easier for you to take to management for reimbursement, or easier for you to afford yourself.

Are you retired from the field but still want to mentor and keep in touch with the industry?
You don’t have to have that in your retirement.  The RETIRED category is also $75.  Maybe that nonprofit you volunteer for will take care of it because of the great knowledge and effort you bring to them.

You’re not in a fundraising role?
Check out the ASSOCIATE category.  It has the same price tag as the professional, but just because you are not part of the “fundraising” team, you can still be a part of AFP.

In college, and you can’t spend all of your cafeteria money on an AFP membership?
For only $35, you can become a part of AFP no matter what your major.  Just make sure that their is a Collegiate Chapter of AFP at your university of college.

So now, I’d like to say that you don’t have an excuse NOT to join AFP, but right here is where you can ask questions.  Feel free to enter them in the comments section below.  Or, better yet, come out to an AFP event and meet a few other members, ask your questions there, and make a decision after that! It’s great!

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A Chat With Colleagues

One of the most valuable things from a luncheon, a conference,  or event is getting together with like minded people and sharing what works and what doesn’t.  Linking together with someone in the same position as you are in a different organization allows you to share frustrations, tactics to get beyond those obstacles, and these conversations can lead to long career friendships.

At AFP, we realized that when attending the monthly luncheons and brown bags, it is hard to have these interactions because people have to get back to work, we have donors to steward, thank you cards to sign, and more. Well, now you have that chance.

Member Social!
Wednesday, March 5th
Thr3e Wise Men

Swing by anytime during those hours to our MEMBERS ONLY social at Thr3e Wise Men in Broad Ripple.  A time to mingle and catch up and ge reenergized over a nice beverage.  You must be an AFP Member to attend, however you don’t need to RSVP ahead of time.

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

This is a great perk of becoming a member, and we hope you all take advantage of mixing and mingling with your counterparts!  See you there.


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Successful Stewardship

by Willie Matis

Great to have Rob MacPherson from CICF to talk about stewardship. Stewardship might be one obstacle that I think fundraisers often talk about but rarely act on it in an efficient manner.

Here are some thoughts from Rob…

What comes to mind when thinking Stewardship?


Look at those results from the lightning round above.

1) “Stewardship is widely misunderstood.”
– It is more than thank you cards, calls,  and emails.

2) The number one reason why donors come to CICF with complaints is because they don’t understand what their money is DOING.  Stewardship is SHOWING the impact that a donor’s gift has made and showing it often.

3) We are responsible for (1) stewarding our programs and our missions and (2) our donors’ experiences. The careful and responsible management of our donors relationships should be top of mind every day.

4) It is tough to get our mindset out of the campaign and the goal, but we HAVE to remember why a donor gave money in the first place.

5) “Donors want prompt personal acknowledgement, confirmation gift is working as intended, and to be aware of measurable results before the next ask.”

6) Take time during the intake to get to know the donor and their interests before trying to find that out later.  Sometimes we spend too much time AFTER the fact trying to catch up rather than taking the time on the front end.

Make sure to RSVP for next month’s activities!

Did you learn something new from Rob?  Add them below!

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#MCON2012 Takeaway from an AFP Member

written by Willie Matis.

Last Thursday, local consulting group – Achieve – put on a fantastic VIRTUAL conference that had speakers talking about how nonprofits can engage the next generation of donors, what to do now, and how to prepare for the future because of how technology is changing.

There was A TON of information flowing throughout the entire day, but the one thing that kept being brought back up and resonated the most with me is something that I’ve heard some fundraisers say, but others may be missing the boat.

Tell your story.


flickr photo by rittyrats

Telling your organization’s story is so important to the millennial generation.  And, many of you are probably shaking your heads and thinking – Gosh, I already know this.  We try to incorporate success stories in each of our direct mail pieces.

Well I am telling you that MORE is needed.  We, millennials, know that there is going to be a story in your direct mail piece.  Almost so, that we don’t really pay attention to that story.

Tell your story has a different meaning to us……… because we want to be a PART of your story.

Throughout the day at #MCON2012, you could hear different strategies on how to get millennials involved, how to best engage your millennial employees, and how to let millennials own your brand for a bit to let them get to know your organization better.

Telling your story to millennials means this:

– Constant sharing of successes ANDfailures.

– Asking others how THEYwould suggest giving your story a better outcome.

– Giving ways for others to make THEIR OWN STORYusing your brand’s mission.

Telling your story is a lot more than telling now.  Letting others be a PART of your story and letting go of your brand every now and again is an important step in the right direction of engaging the next generation.

What do you think?  Did you attend #MCON2012 and get a different take?
How have you increased your story telling in your fundraising?
Comment below.. or talk with us on Twitter – @AFPIndiana

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