Brackets for Good

By: Abby Peck


The convergence of college rivalries and basketball fanatics is upon us! This time of year we find unique ways to beat the odds and pick the winning team. This impossible feat has been challenged year after year with no avail. The most difficult factor of creating the perfect bracket is the illusive “Cinderella Story”. A team that defies logic and overcomes doubt, becoming everyone’s favorite team in the end.

This year the true Cinderella Story is the Brackets For Good Campaign. After all, is there a better way to embrace friendly competition than donating to your favorite charity? All bets are off and all donations are on with this unique and exciting philanthropic opportunity. Your gift will gain them points in a single elimination round competition! Give the charity of your choice your best shot and donate at the Brackets For Good website.

Here’s the play by play:

Imagine the college basketball tournament, but the teams are local non-profit organizations. The match-ups are one week long and $1 = 1 point donated via 

Nonprofits advance through the single elimination tournament by scoring more points than their opponent. The winning organization receives an additional $10,000 unrestricted donation from Valeo Financial Advisors. If you want your donation to go further, help your team get further in the competition.

Take this chance to support your favorite local nonprofit organization and cheer them on. All competition aside, these are wonderful causes and a great way to extend the reach of their mission. All donations will make an impact on our wonderful community, which is the name of the game!

Score a slam dunk for your favorite charity today!

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