RECAP BLOG: Philanthropy in the Media

By Willie Matis

Stacy Palmer, Top Editor at The Chronicle on Philanthropy, joined us last week for a GREAT and lively discussion.


She immediately started talking about government! Well she is from DC and it is an election year, right?

Stacy’s insight was great. Here are a few highlights…

– Do donors care about results and measurement?
Stacy is seeing both sides. She made a great point about the people doing well in rating systems will be happy, those who aren’t will be unhappy with the system. Smaller donors enjoy narratives that pull at our heart, but bigger donors enjoy data. Nonprofits will need to work to find a sweet spot here.

– Getting beyond donations.
Social impact investments could be very transformative.  Example would be the Heron Foundation putting 100% of its endowment into efforts to create jobs.

– Is it the economy? Or is it the way charities raise money?
This was a great slide.


– Making sure that fundraisers LOOK like the donors of whom they are asking for money.
Growing concern that there is not enough diversity in the field.

– Growing concern on knowing exactly where the money goes.
Check out Dan Palotta’s TED talk. Stacy mentioned a few nonprofit organizations have been successful by distilling his message to their boards.


Check out the Slideshare presentation below.

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