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Volunteer Appreciation Month! Thank you’s all around

by Willie Matis

There is only one more week of April left.  Crazy how time flies!  But one more week in April means there is only one more week during National Volunteer Appreciation Month.

photo credit to Good Works Blog

photo credit to Good Works Blog

AFP chapters are groups RUN BY VOLUNTEERS! We would be wrong to not acknowledge all of those who help with AFP membership, programming, communications, leadership, mentorship, sponsorship, and more…

Nathan Hand

President Elect
Carol Lukemeyer

VP of Programs
Beth Kloote

Co-VPs of Membership
Morgan Hoover
Chrissy Vasquez

VP of Finance
Mike Eikenberry

VP of Resource Development
Paula Ingram-Coleman

VP of Communications
Willie Matis

Marcy Zunk

Immediate Past President
Phil Purcell

Chris Brooks

Adam Clevenger

Angela Dabney

Roberta Donohue

Lori Garraghty

Dan Hartmann

Julia Holbrook

Rachel Hughes

Leslie Kidwell

Cara Lathrop

Mike Laudick

Victoria Petersen

Jayne Rayman

Randy Rogers

Elisa Rogowski

Taylor Schuh

Kelly Shrock

Travis Stountenborough

Stacy Traylor

Brandi Young

Rob Zinkan

Chapter Administrator
Sara Nash

We could not do what we do without those listed above.  Also, we’d like to shout out those who may not be on the board but serve on the committee, serve as a mentor/mentee, serve as an advocate for AFP, and more.  It is great to have a group who is so dedicated to not just furthering your own fundraising skills but to furthering the entire fundraising profession as a whole.


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High Impact Philanthropy From Good Intentions to Impact

We are so thankul to have Kat Rosqueta join us to talk about how to best show impact in todays world of fundraising.


What is high impact philanthropy?
Trying to get to the social impact. We want to answer the question – How can I as a donor do the most good with my money?

85% of individuals WANT to know the performance of the nonprofits who use their gifts.

Must be evidence based. This means starting with research, seeking informed opinion, and field experience (practical wisdom).

How is it different from other approaches?
Measuring and managing impact… Inputs — Processes — Outputs — Outcomes — Impact.

You show impact compared to WHAT. Showing the change that occured because the program existed. Kat had a great visual about this showing that students stayd at the same reading level through grades 1-5, but they were below grade level.  This needs to be compared to what would happen without a program, without education, which would’ve been students with a continual decrease in reading level compared to grade.

Tools for practicing high impact philanthropy.
Showing the “comparative bang for a buck” is very important.  If a donor knows that their dollar is being stretched to do the MOST good.

[Book suggestion: More Than Good Intentions.]

TIP 1 – Start with your end goal.
TIP 2 – Metrics that matter.
TIP 3 – A little research can go a long way.

These are just the cliff notes. Kat spread a world of knowledge on us. So if you missed out today, then you need to sign up now for May’s program!!

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What a Way to Fund Raise

by Willie Matis

So it has been a little over a week since this fundraising campaign ended, but we at AFP would be amiss if we did not recognize the fantastic fundraising setup of…



64 area nonprofits competed in our own philanthropic version of March Madness.  Raising dollar after dollar in order to survive and advance, over $330,000 combined was raised to advance missions and visions throughout central Indiana. Unreal.


Absolutely fantastic, raising more than $77,000 throughout the course of a month and a couple days is nothing short of incredible.

I’m not sure if we are allowed to take any credit on this, but we have to tie this back to AFP, right? The championship team, Partners in Housing, DID have an AFP member on staff, Jennifer Coffey! Now we are hoping she will back us up in saying that all of the luncheons and brown bags she has been to helped in her techniques to lead PIH to a great win.

Here’s a link to BFG if you’d like to learn more about them, or if you are wanting to sign up your nonprofit to hopefully compete in next year’s tournament!

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What is the hardest thing to express to donors?

by Willie Matis

We are in an age where every single fundraising expert is telling us the importance of expressing IMPACT to donors.  Show it through social media, tell it before an ask, and you better know how to back up your findings.

question guyKnowing this every day, it is still hard to come up with answers to these 3 questions.

1) What exactly does the donor want to know?

2) How to I measure that impact?

3) How do I MAKE TIME to measure and show the impact?

I don’t know the answers, except maybe the last one is… “YOU BETTER MAKE TIME AND PRIORITIZE THIS.”  And, the good thing is that our friends at Johnson Grossnickle + Associates have helped us bring in yet ANOTHER great speaker.  Katherina Rosqueta, Founding Executive Director, Adjuct Faculty, The Center for High Impact Philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania.

[Okay, if you aren’t already intimidated by her title, check out what all she’s done on the Luncheon registration page.]

Katherina knows her stuff, and so my suggestion is this.

“Measuring and Managing Social Impact”
Thursday, April 17th, 2014
11:30am – 1:15pm
Hilton Indianapolis Downtown
120 W. Market Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Ms. Rosqueta has been cited in NUMEROUS publications including the Wall Street Journal, Chronicle of Philantrhopy, Money Magazine, and the International Herald Tribune.  This is a can’t miss luncheon, and please note the DATE AND LOCATION CHANGE!

So, back to where I started. What is the hardest thing to express to donors? Impact. You may be able to choose a statistic, but do you know how to back it up? Is this the impact that is going to pull a donor closer to the mission?

I don’t know, but Katherina Rosqueta probably will.  Hope to see you at the Luncheon, registration CLOSES ON FRIDAY, APRIL 11TH.

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Take Advice from Oprah Winfrey, okay?

by Willie Matis

Last week, I received an email from our VP of Membership, Morgan Hoover, CFRE.  It was about our mentorship program, but what stuck out to me most was the very first line she wrote.

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher” – Oprah Winfrey



I thought to myself…

1) Why would you NOT listen to Oprah?

2) That is some GREAT advice.

The Indiana Chapter of AFP is already a great group of people of whom you should surround yourself.  There are members from the entire gamut of fundraising.  I could go on a Dr. Seuss-like scope with “some are small, some are tall…” about the range of fundraiser who are members, but what I really want to stress is that by becoming a member of AFP, you can tap into each and every one of these people.

To expand even more on surrounding yourself with people who are going to lift you higher is our Mentor Program.

Are you wanting to be a mentee? You can be paired up with someone who is willing to dive in DEEP with you as a fundraiser.  They will not only show you the ropes, they will help you when you climb into the ring.  There is a countless variety of experiences that happen to us fundraisers, and if your mentor DOESN’T know the answer to a question, they most likely have a contact who does.

Are you wanting to be a mentor? FANTASTIC! A benefit other than being a donor of time is that you may gain a fresh perspective when finding answers to the questions coming from someone who is new to the game.  People always say that a fresh pair of eyes helps, and your mentee can be just that.

Please consider being a part of the program by becoming a mentee or mentor.

Sign up by clicking here.

 Questions about the program, please contact Leslie Kidwell at or 317-274-1496.

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