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Past, Present, and Future

by Willie Matis

A conversation with new President at Nina Mason Pulliam Trust, Gene D’Adamo.


A nice and easy living room conversation with our Chapter President, Nathan Hand.

Some quick insight. Mr. D’Adamo loves Mesh on Mass Ave.

But let’s get to the meat of what we learned today…

“Self – efficiency is an important initiative for Nina Mason Pulliam Trust moving forward, how does your program promote this to clients?” – Gene D’Adamo.

Question: How do you distribute dollars between priorities and geographic area?
Answer: 60% going into helping people in need. Closer to 30% is going toward the helping animals and environment.  But it varies from year to year and bading it on the economic environment and where the greatest needs are.  The programs with the best merit are where we want dollars to go.

Impact is hard to answer. But they are currently looking at what is possible to measure and what is plausible enough to measure.

Question: What is your take on the grantor/grantee relationships?
Answers: – We want an honest communication. When you have a big change, let us know. If you can’t fulfill a grant, let us know ahead of time because we can change things up.
– Plan ahead. Plan ahead. Plan ahead.
– Don’t go around us.  Be direct. If youre talking about collaborations then make sure that collaboration is happening!

What did you like about the conversation with Mr. D’Adamo? Comment below!

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Something you may not know about AFP…

by Willie Matis

One thing that we talk about constantly at AFP events and board meetings, how come people don’t know about all of the great benefits of membership?

One reason may be because people don’t look into membership because they think it may be too expensive.  So before we talk benefits, let’s talk CATEGORIES.

Other than the regular, Professional membership category at $250, check out these others…

join-membershipAre you 30 or under? And it’s tough to pay dues with a nonprofit salary?
Check out the YOUNG PROFESSIONAL category.  It is only $75.  Much easier for you to take to management for reimbursement, or easier for you to afford yourself.

Are you retired from the field but still want to mentor and keep in touch with the industry?
You don’t have to have that in your retirement.  The RETIRED category is also $75.  Maybe that nonprofit you volunteer for will take care of it because of the great knowledge and effort you bring to them.

You’re not in a fundraising role?
Check out the ASSOCIATE category.  It has the same price tag as the professional, but just because you are not part of the “fundraising” team, you can still be a part of AFP.

In college, and you can’t spend all of your cafeteria money on an AFP membership?
For only $35, you can become a part of AFP no matter what your major.  Just make sure that their is a Collegiate Chapter of AFP at your university of college.

So now, I’d like to say that you don’t have an excuse NOT to join AFP, but right here is where you can ask questions.  Feel free to enter them in the comments section below.  Or, better yet, come out to an AFP event and meet a few other members, ask your questions there, and make a decision after that! It’s great!

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Luncheon Preview: A Chat with Gene D’Adamo

by Willie Matis

Mr. Gene D’Adamo, President & CEO of the Nina Mason Pulliam Trust, will share his professional journey through philanthropy and experience on over 20 nonprofit boards.

I think that last cause is what hooked me.  Experience with over 20 nonprofit boards means Mr. D’Adamo will have a plethora of instances to choose from to answer any questions that pop up during March 19th’s Luncheon.

Will you join us?

Time:  11:30 a.m. Registration; 11:45 a.m. Lunch Service begins; 12:00-1:15 p.m. Program
Location:  Ivy Tech Community College Corporate College and Culinary Center, 2820 N. Meridian Street, Indianapolis (Click for Map)

Today is Tuesday, and you will need to register by THIS Friday!

It is luncheons like these that get me excited because hearing and conversing with funders on what trends they are seeing in the philanthropic world is important.  Mr. D’Adamo will be led in a moderated conversation that will be followed up with questions from the crowd as well.

photo credit to

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If you are a new fundraiser what questions do you have for funders?  What would you like to know?
If you are a seasoned fundraiser, what advice would you give new fundraisers on what to pay attention to when hearing funders speak?  Leave a comment below so that we are all prepared by March 19th!

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