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A Chat With Colleagues

One of the most valuable things from a luncheon, a conference,  or event is getting together with like minded people and sharing what works and what doesn’t.  Linking together with someone in the same position as you are in a different organization allows you to share frustrations, tactics to get beyond those obstacles, and these conversations can lead to long career friendships.

At AFP, we realized that when attending the monthly luncheons and brown bags, it is hard to have these interactions because people have to get back to work, we have donors to steward, thank you cards to sign, and more. Well, now you have that chance.

Member Social!
Wednesday, March 5th
Thr3e Wise Men

Swing by anytime during those hours to our MEMBERS ONLY social at Thr3e Wise Men in Broad Ripple.  A time to mingle and catch up and ge reenergized over a nice beverage.  You must be an AFP Member to attend, however you don’t need to RSVP ahead of time.

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

This is a great perk of becoming a member, and we hope you all take advantage of mixing and mingling with your counterparts!  See you there.


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Successful Stewardship

by Willie Matis

Great to have Rob MacPherson from CICF to talk about stewardship. Stewardship might be one obstacle that I think fundraisers often talk about but rarely act on it in an efficient manner.

Here are some thoughts from Rob…

What comes to mind when thinking Stewardship?


Look at those results from the lightning round above.

1) “Stewardship is widely misunderstood.”
– It is more than thank you cards, calls,  and emails.

2) The number one reason why donors come to CICF with complaints is because they don’t understand what their money is DOING.  Stewardship is SHOWING the impact that a donor’s gift has made and showing it often.

3) We are responsible for (1) stewarding our programs and our missions and (2) our donors’ experiences. The careful and responsible management of our donors relationships should be top of mind every day.

4) It is tough to get our mindset out of the campaign and the goal, but we HAVE to remember why a donor gave money in the first place.

5) “Donors want prompt personal acknowledgement, confirmation gift is working as intended, and to be aware of measurable results before the next ask.”

6) Take time during the intake to get to know the donor and their interests before trying to find that out later.  Sometimes we spend too much time AFTER the fact trying to catch up rather than taking the time on the front end.

Make sure to RSVP for next month’s activities!

Did you learn something new from Rob?  Add them below!

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Stewardship, Stewardship, Stewardship

by Willie Matis

We all talk about it. Stewardship.

“We need to steward our major donors better.”

“We need to steward our first time donors EARLY.”

“We need to steward our corporate partnerships because they can open up many doors.”

But do we understand HOW to steward?  Do we understand stewardship at its core?

photo credit to Good Works Blog

photo credit to Good Works Blog

Enter: Rob MacPherson.

Rob MacPherson serves as Vice President for Development & Philanthropic Services with the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF).  He directs the Foundation’s asset development strategies and donor services activities.  In addition to working with prospective donors to promote the ease and advantages of partnering with the community foundation to fulfill charitable wishes, Rob works closely with CICF’s current donors to keep them engaged with the Foundation’s work in the community and informed on current trends in central Indiana and with charitable giving.

Even if we know a bit about stewardship, this will be a very VALUABLE luncheon next Wednesday – February 19th!

CICF represents hundreds of philanthropists throughout the state so Rob will have a little bit for everyone.  MAKE SURE TO REGISTER TODAY! You don’t want to miss out.  We are almost at capacity for the event, and this is one where you not only get to learn about stewardship but also hear from a funder.

We will be there in the front row.  What questions would you like us to have prepared for Rob’s presentation?  We will ask him for you if you leave them in the comments section.

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