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She Helps Create Real Life Kaleidoscopes

by Willie Matis

And she is our speaker at next week’s AFP Brown Bag.  I think it is safe to say thst you arent going to want to miss this.

Jo Holbein has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University with a concentration in graphic design and over 30 years experience as a designer, art director and creative director.  Jo currently is the Director of Creative Services for the Indianapolis Zoo where her department is responsible for implementing and maintaining the Zoo’s brand and identity in all areas.  This includes the design and production of all marketing and promotional materials, interpretive message presentation, corporate sponsorship integration and donor recognition, as well as representing the guest perspective and brand cohesion during exhibit design.

Butterfly Exhibit

If you went to the Indianapolis Zoo over the past summer then you either saw or walked past a grewt project of hers. The Butterfly Exhibit that opened in late March was due in large parts to Holbein. Read more about the exhibit here.

So if branding is a forbidden, or worse yet, a forgotten topic at your organization or if you are wanting to FURTHER your organization’s brand, then come learn from an experienced professional with background in both the for-profit and non-profit world.

REGISTER TODAY. You can RSVP by emailing Sally Zelonis, CFRE, at or calling (317) 630-2018.

What are some questions you will want to ask Jo next Wednesday?
How important is branding to a fundraiser? Comment below.

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3 Reasons to Attend Indiana Philanthropy Day

It is back again ladies and gentleman! The annual day where we recognize not only the importance of fundraising and fundraisers but also the importance of philanthropy on the whole.

Coinciding with National Philanthropy Day, Indiana’s is very special. And here are 3 reasons you will want to attend Indiana Philanthropy Day:

1. Both of the Keynote Speakers come up 1st in their Google Search Rankings.

Penelope Burk and Angela Sinickas are two of the very best in their respective fields.  You will hear from Burk in the morning session speak about Donor Centered Leadership.  In the afternoon, Sinickas will be speaking about Calculating ROI on your Communications.  On the surface the titles of these keynotes may not grab your attention, but with the way fundraising and communications are becoming more and more important in the nonprofit sector, taking the next step from not just DOING but TRACKING can start with these two keynotes.

2. It brings the Philanthropy Family together

It is not just and AFP event.  Indiana Philanthropy Day is brought available in part by AFP, Lilly Family School on Philanthropy, PRSA, APRA, and PGGI.  You won’t see all of the same faces you see at luncheons.  Meet everyone in our state that is interested in the betterment of philanthropy.

3. Breakout sessions. Breakout sessions. Breakout sessions.

The reason we all take a day off from our jobs to attend Philanthropy Day isn’t just to have a party, it is to learn as well.  This year’s breakout sessions bring you a VARIETY of subject to learn from.  There is a track for anyone and everyone depending on where you are in your career with philanthropy, communications, fundraising, and more.



Mark your calendars for November 15th.  If you can’t attend, you will see everyone’s tweets and feel like you’re missing out anyway, so go ahead and register! It’ll be worth it.

Have any questions about the day? Leave them in the comments section below!

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