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Expectations: The Driver of Social Media Success

post by Willie Matis.

So. I have the opportunity to both write a blog for today ANDpresent at today’s AFP Brown Bag Luncheon.  So, if you are reading this before 11:30am today (9/5), then head on over to the WFYI Building at noon for a great discussion about “Brand A-where-ness + Social Media”.  If you are reading this post AFTER 1pm, or even tomorrow, or the next day, then I hope you went to the Brown Bag or asked someone how the Brown Bag went.

With social media, expectations drive success.  Just like anything, if you do what is expected of you, then good things happen.  If you do not live up to expectations, then one of two things have gone wrong.

1) Expectations were off the mark or misunderstood.
2) You let someone down.

There are so many different platforms throughout the social network, and expectations are different on each platform, and expectations are different according to each person/organization.

Yesterday, Sara Croft sent out a FANTASTIC infographic that was posted on  Check it out and see what is expected when it comes to posting on Facebook & Twitter.

I also promised at my presentation that I housed a few social media tools that I rely on in this post, and here you go:

If you attended yesterday’s Brown Bag, then you probably remember Nate Pass’s comment toward the end.  He is an engineer with WFYI, but he is just starting a new nonprofit.  Not only can we as fundraisers help him, he can also help us.  His nonprofit is – Media Career Advancement Program – and he has students that would be willing to help with video for your organization.  If you’d like to get in touch with him, you can email him at or check out the website

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