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The Millennial Impact: What it says about Millennial Giving

A couple of weeks ago, a  local fundraising consulting group – Achieve – released another groundbreaking report on Millennials.  The report covered how they learn about nonprofits, engage with nonprofits, give to nonprofits, and even gave us a few case studies on how nonprofits have been able to engage the generation and attract them to give.

The quick and dirty from the infographic – Millennials are giving (75% who answered the survey). and they want to know exactly what difference their gift will make.

How do you show your donors that their gift has made a difference?
How do you do it quickly for the millennials?
Do you have questions on what tools are out there?
Comment below!  Let’s discuss it.


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The effective way to use Ethics to not just discourage wrongdoing but promote giving

post written by Willie Matis.

When I first hear the word ETHICS, I think of a code that a person keeps, leading them to do the right thing and not do the wrong thing.

Okay, sorry I lied.  When I hear the word ETHICS, I think of this…

The story of Billy Madison can help a little.  Having character and ethics and following through with your education can help you to be the most successful.  But let’s take a turn here and get back to the subject at hand.

Today’s AFP Education Luncheon features a FANTASTIC speaker…

Dr. Richard Gunderman from The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University

He is going to be talking about “How Ethics brings Giving to Life”.  Just from the title, it brings a fresh perspective to what I think is a semi-negative word.  Ethics makes many people think of what they CAN’T do, rather than using it to gain trust and connection with prospects.

Hopefully you can join us today!  If not, do you have any questions you’d like us to pose during the seminar?  We’ll tweet the answers with the hashtag – #AFPedlunch.  Leave your questions in the comment section!

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How to answer two major questions: Become an AFP member? Get a CFRE?

post by Willie Matis

Honestly, I can only speak on the benefits of becoming an AFP member.  I do not have a CFRE, and I am currently not on track to get my CFRE because I have yet to be in the industry long enough.

BUT! We have the power of the web…

and, today’s Brown Bag Luncheon is on this very subjectAFP Indiana members and guests will be meeting at Keep Indianapolis Beautiful office to listen to four great fundraisers about the advantages and disadvantages of becoming an AFP member and getting your CFRE.

What do YOU consider to be benefits of being an AFP member or getting your CFRE?

You can comment below.  Join the discussion on our Facebook page. Or, tweet at us and let us know!

I’ll go first….

“AFP member benefit –> being able to use the Chapter as a tool to meet people who have experienced things you are currently going through”

“AFP member benefit –> now there are NEW member categories to make it affordable to access the AFP network!”


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