3 initiatives to attract millennials to your cause!

post by Willie Matis

In July 2011, there was a great article written on fundraisingcoach.com. Written by Christina Attard (@gptekkie), the article entitled “Good news about Millennials and Fundraising” dove into great statistics and tendencies about millennial, specifically millennial donors.

Christina touched on the very important aspects of millennials to remember…

  • Millennials aren’t in the best position financially to be giving money away.
  • Millennials expect to be treated exactly like donors of past generations only through different media and outlets
  • 55% of millennials are giving already; what about recognizing the top tier of millennial donors
This banana doesn't exist anymore!

Calculating a budget is hard! (flickr photo by JorgeBRAZIL)


As a millennial, personally there is not a lot of cash to be given to ALL of the organizations that do a FANTASTIC job of serving the causes that I am passionate about.  However, there is plenty of time to serve your nonprofit.


As a fundraiser, I want to make sure that potential millennial donors have a chance to connect with my organization, remember what we do, and make a positive impact.  Making that initial connection with millennials is critical.

Here are 3 initiatives to make it easy for the technology-using, passions-flaring, and world-saving millennials to make an initial connection with your non-profit’s cause that will last forever:

  • Action alerts – whether this be asking to donate a tweet, use house party profits for your organization, or send an email to a legislator, giving millennials goals to achieve is the first step. And make sure these goals ask them to use tools that they are already using!
  • Leadership programs – create  an opportunity that encourages the millennial working for your organization (or the millennial that has been volunteering since high school) to lead a program that includes others from their friend and professional network to create awareness for your cause.
  • Volunteer/internship opportunities –  especially for college-aged millennials, the first volunteer or internship that they participate in could be the organization that they will support the most.  Knowing that you made an impact within a summer internship creates a link to that organization that is hard to break.

These initiatives are just the beginning, may not result in a lot of initial donation, but can create a group of loyal followers who WANT to make a difference.

– what opportunities with non-profits have caused you to maintain your connection with their cause?
Fundraisers – how have you created opportunities to let young professionals make an impact on the community under your organization’s mission?

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